Ongoing Projects

We are located 70km north of Lukasa; our projects cover an area of more than 12,000 km².

A - Ongoing accomplishements, to be completed in 2014

- 1 small hospital in Muchinga
- 6 schools to be completed (mainly roofs)
- 3 teachers' houses
- 1 nurse's house
- 1 farming centre in Mwashisompola
- individual schooling for secondary students (3 trimesters)

B - Periodic or long-term projects

- making 2 existing orphanages self-sufficient

Like all other achievements, these two orphanages must attain self-sufficiency so that we are able to let them function alone, meeting their own needs with appropriate management and carrying out the successful education of children under their responsibility.

- 1 centre for handicapped children

Mrs. Esther Mwimo initiated this project

Situated along the Great North Road in the village of Fringilla, 60 km from Lukasa, this center assists cerebral palsy children.

A very generous Belgian foundation financed the groundwork of this major project:

- Purchase of land (6 hectares) we now possess as owners
- Completely fenced in and secure
- Connected electrically (purchase of a powerful transformer relay)
- Drilling of a well
- Wastewater system
- One house already completed
- Inauguration by the Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda
- In association with Norwegian funding, we are now completing the central building for children in day treatment

Mrs. Esther Mwima, the coordinator of this project, has already visited Belgium with her son, Themba, to participate in a world conference on cerebral palsy.

It is for her son, Themba, that Esther devotes her life to the MYCEPA Project and cerebral palsy children. Themba, 23 years old, suffers from this disability and is paraplegic due to a lack of appropriate therapy.

This mother-son tandem is admirable, united by the same goal – visualizing a center that would succeed in helping many other children and their families. From this vision, Esther had the idea of creating her own center! She is a courageous woman, nothing stops her. As for Themba, he just completed his studies in journalism! His speech is a little difficult, but this does not prevent him from speaking at conferences, on the Lusaka radio (where he organised sponsored walks and other events for raising funds).

Esther wishes to establish a library. We are now looking for books in English for children and adults.

C - Periodic projects

- Individual schooling of young students (20€ per student per month in primary)

Education is not free, even in public primary schools (school fees, shoes, uniforms, books).
This is a restraint for some young people and their families. Requests are great at all levels - primary, secondary and higher education -for girls and boys.

- Seeds and fertilizer (3,000€)

It is often the profit that women make on their crops that enables financing the education of their dependent children (including the orphans taken in).
The best way to help the women is to procure more seeds for them, allowing them to produce more and sell a greater surplus.

- A well (2,800€)

In the traditional way that projects are presented to us, the building of a school always takes priority.
The well comes second in importance, located next to the school, then later in a neighboring village. The women, young girls and sometimes the children carry water on their heads several times a day. When the distance is long, it becomes difficult, tedious and a great waste of time In responding to a request from a village population for a school and a well, then a grain mill, we are able to bring them a well-being that gives reasons for staying on the land rather than moving to town.A well nearby permits some animal breeding, and vegetable growing all year round that provides an intake of vitamins.

D - Other requests

We have the following specific requests at present:

- 1 store for the women's club in Muchinga village where they will be able to sell their vegetable and grocery produce. We are presently building a health center in this village, and patients' families must eat and cook on site.

In view of the distances that have to be covered at present to have access to health care.
-1 four-bed dispensary in the village of Katole
-1 four-bed dispensary in the village of Chilonga

1 covered open-air market in the village of Chilonga, a request arising from the village women. They have asked us for covered stalls providing 5 to 10 places for the sale of vegetable produce.