20 years of achievement

All requests and initiatives are Zambian in origin !
All completed projects are autonomous !

A. Completed and autonomous achievements

During 20 years, Abantu Zambia has been a partner for


- 9 one-block schools built
- 5 two-block schools built
- 5 schools renovated - 6,000 children have been schooled in primary education from grades 1 to 9
- 19 teachers' houses built
- 2 students' houses
- 3 school libraries

Health Care

- 6 health centres built, of different size and purpose, serving a total population of approximately 60,000 inhabitants
- 11 nurses' houses


- 23 wells
- 7 grain mills
- 5 village stores
- 3 electric oil presses
- Repair of a diptank for disinfecting cattle
- teams of oxen
- pig, chicken and goat-farming
- grain storage
- micro-credit for farming projects for 15 clubs in Chitanda

Other sectors

- 1 Catholic Church
- 6 containers of medical and miscellaneous supplies
- 77 young volunteers from Belgium and other countries spent several weeks or months on site helping on the projects we support.
- In five villages, at least one project is connected electrically.
- In two villages, at least one project is connected to solar energy.

B. Individual Schooling of young people

We have supported many students throughout their schooling. Some of them completed their secondary education very successfully:
- 3 university graduates
- 1 journalist
- 10 teachers
- 2 nurses
- graduates in mechanics, carpentry, accounting, needlework, hotel industry, etc.
- 1 student's schooling was privately sponsored in the United States.
- 120 young people were individually sponsored.

C. Mrs. Hellen Makwangula

Mrs Hellen Makwangula, founder of our partner/sister non-profit association Tuchafwane in Zambia and associated with our projects for the last twenty years, has been named Counselor, equivalent of a Provincial Counselor for a Ward of about twenty villages.

In 2000, the U.N. organised the Millennium Summit in New York, a great gathering of 189 heads of state. They voted the Millennium Declaration of 8 objectives for development, to galvanize unprecedented efforts for meeting the needs of the poorest. These efforts target an improved situation by 2015.

- Eliminate extreme poverty and hunger
- Ensure primary education for all
- Promote gender equality and women's empowerment
- Reduce child mortality under five years of age
- Improve maternity care
- Fight against HIV/AIDS, malaria and other sicknesses
- Ensure a sustainable environment
- Set up a world partnership for development

We are proud to note that since the creation of Abantu Zambia, the projects we support in Zambia meet these Millennium Objectives perfectly.