The local population wished to have its own structure. Tuchafwane (signifying "we work together") Advisory Co-operative Society is our partner/sister non-profit association (ASBL) in Zambia. Mrs. Hellen Makwangula, first four-year President, founded the association to enable different communities to participate more actively in the management and coordination of their development projects.

The Tuchafwane Committee is composed of a representative from each of the 20 partner villages. At present, their General Coordinator is Mr. Watson Chabalenje.

Specific Objectives :

1. to favor access to education through the construction and renovation of community schools

2. to guarantee access to health care by building outreach clinics and hospitals

3. to educate the population in AIDS prevention and sick care

4. to enable women to develop their own economic activities (agriculture, needlework, grinding mills)

5. to encourage the development of small businesses by granting micro-credits

6. to foster orphans by offering them lodging and an access to schooling

7. to promote and encourage the creation of projects for environmental protection

8. to develop agriculture and stock-farming by promoting sustainable and healthy agricultural techniques.